What you think affects what you do
“If you think you’’ll lose, you’re lost; 
for out in the world we find 
Success begins with a fellows will, 
It’s all in the state of mind” 
Author Unknown
Are you kept awake at night with your mind so busy that sleep seems unattainable? Are you thinking new ideas and inspirational thoughts, or worrying over minute details of your day and business. Why waste good sleeping time?
Our brains are programmed to want completion of thoughts and actions then move on to the next problem to solve. Incomplete tasks and thoughts take up space in your short term memory that you could be using on issues of today! If you feel a constant churn of thoughts and ideas and worries, to deal with them you must give them a place to be. This means planning to think about them, then thinking up a plan.
Plan some thinking time into each day. Actively use some time to step outside of your business and think about where to from here, what is the next big thing, or how can I solve that issue I’ve been avoiding? It doesn’t have to take all day daydreaming or be a talk fest at a retreat, that’s not productive on a daily basis. It just needs to be 15 minutes of focussed thought to clear your head space of nagging issues, to project forward to where you want your business to be going. It could be 15 minutes before you get out of your car in the morning at work, or before you leave home. It could be 15 minutes in the sun at lunchtime to inspire you for the rest of the afternoon.
Wherever and whenever you plan to do your thinking each day get those thoughts on paper, or on screen. Get them down in a list, a map, a diagram, a spreadsheet, an MP3 recording, anything as long as they all get out of your head. Sort them into new ideas and innovations; immediate action; short term and long term goals. You can follow up on how to implement them later on because you have identified which are action priorities and which can be thought about during your dedicated thinking and planning time each day.
If you have new ideas to try out, plan one action for one idea that moves your business forward to where you want it to be. Then plan time to take that action, be it contact your banker, a mentor, a coach, a supplier or talk to an employee. It could be that your action is to take time to think and plan a project or finally write that business plan!
If you have worries or concerns about your business, Then put aside time to think about how to solve these issues. Avoidance just leaves them in your head taking up space that could be better utilised.
How can you grow your business, solve that personnel problem or create new innovation if you don’t give yourself time to do the thinking and planning.
Your business, boss, and family need you fully functioning, sleep enables your brain to recharge… so turn it off at night! Plan some thinking time into each day.
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