At this time of the year we tend to gravitate towards indoor activity and warmth, which gives a great opportunity to look within, and around, and quietly reflect on how we are doing. Take time this winter to take stock of what and where you are spending your time and energy. Are you living the life you want to be? If not, use winter to start taking action to build the life you desire. You still have 6 months of this year to achieve your goals in!

Acknowledging what you want—and setting boundaries around what you don’t want—is a key life skill. But sometimes in our enthusiasm to practice this skill, we over-do identifying our desires and forget that to achieve our goals we actually have to take action!  Here are four tips for getting focussed;

1.Get Clear

Achieving goals starts with knowing what you are—and aren’t—willing to be, do, or have. For many of us, coming to this knowledge is a real task unto itself. It may be useful to ask: “In an ideal world, what would I like to happen?”; or “If money was not a barrier, what would I choose to be doing?”

2. Share your intentions

Once you know what outcome you need (or want), share it with someone. Sharing your intentions increases your accountability to actively work towards your goal.

3. Make follow through a habit

You build positive habits the same way you build any muscle: exercise. Practice acting on your intentions, big or small, on a daily basis.  When you act on your intent you get used to holding yourself accountable.

4. Take time to act

Plan some ‘action’ time into each day. Consciously step outside of your day-to-day routine to take the steps that will get your goals moving.

If you aren’t achieving your goals, even though you’ve set them clearly, it may be time to call in a professional Coach.

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