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Ever felt like you were talking yourself around in circles? Or trying to think through an idea but you keep coming back to the same pros and cons? Need some clear thinking tips?

The issue is not having a framework for your thinking. (No I’m not even going to mention thinking inside or outside boxes!)

What is a framework for thinking? 

Well, it’s the difference between a spiral and a corkscrew.

If you use a spiral and put your finger on one end and trace along its lines, a spiral moves from a centre point to a loose external end, or it does the opposite, moves from a loose external end to a centre end point. Either way it starts and finishes in a close/tight relationship to itself. So if you visualise your idea or dilemma as one of the ends of the spiral you can see that as you think through the options you actually put boundaries on your possibilities by thinking narrower until you run out of space. Or if you start at the centre of the spiral feeling that you are bound by circumstance or expectation you try to release the boundaries by moving outwards. This can end up with no resolution, or the ability to have creative solutions.

However, a corkscrew moves in a circular motion but moves along through space to an end point away from its beginning. It also uses the motion of turning (considering) as a way to create a solution. So it moves into the cork (or problem) and pulls it out, thereby completing a task while turning in all directions.

Why do you care?

Well these visuals are ways to create frameworks for your thinking that can help prevent the ‘talking in circles’ syndrome from happening again.

Which solution do you need for the issue you are considering?

  1. Narrow options to form a single idea or decision;
  2. Start from single idea and looking for ways to expand boundaries. To get to a point of free thinking for creative expression;
  3. Focus on an issue and move through a period of consideration while involved in the issue. In order to get to an end point solution the achieves what is required

Do you need spiral or corkscrew thinking?

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