Start now.

We’ve all had people ask us, “So what are you waiting for?” But have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you looked at other people and been envious that they seem to have the lifestyle that you desire to have? Very often there is a simple difference between your life right now and the life you would like to be living….it’s taking action.

I read recently that “The bookends of success are Commitment and Consistency. Without Commitment you’ll never start, and without Consistency you’ll never finish.” A great comment to keep in mind as you go about your work and play and focus on heading towards you goals.

Successful people have one thing in common: they’ve developed the habit of doing what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do. Getting started is the hardest part. So…

1) Start small. Take the first step. You can’t take step two until you’ve taken step one. Taking the first step to prioritise your life will focus you in the right direction. But don’t expect results immediately, you still need to actually do the work!

2) Start with yourself. If you want others to respond to you differently, give them a different set of attitudes and actions to respond to.

3) Start early. Someone said “Noah didn’t wait for his ship to come in, he built one.” Hard work is an accumulation of the easy things you didn’t do when you should have. The truth is, the work doesn’t seem nearly so hard once you stop putting it off.

4) Start now. What are you waiting for? Until you finish school, get married, have kids, the kids leave home, you retire, or you die? If you wait long enough you’ll only have one regret – that you didn’t start now.


A year from now you don’t want to look back and say, I wish I had started earlier.

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