Be even more smart and connected in life and business

Becoming Smart and Connected

We all know the saying “Work Smarter, Not Harder” but what does that mean exactly? Most of us think we are working pretty smart now don’t we? And what does ‘Being Connected’ mean in today’s global communities, does it mean joining the social media revolution or something else?

Being Smart?

Being Smart is about being strategic, being open to possibility, being enterprising, and developing new ways of thinking. Some action ideas are;
  • Look to add new value to your current services and products, or create new solutions
  • Outsource or delegate work so you can concentrate on research, development and planning
  • Seek collaboration partners to develop fresh and innovative solutions and products
  • Grow new talent, either within your staff or by partnering with schools for industry experience or apprenticeship programmes, or through mentoring/coaching
  • Know your team, know all their skills, and utilize all your resources
  • Set and work towards goals to focus your business on its core values and purpose

Being Connected?

Being Connected is about leveraging, collaborating and transferring skills across sectors and solutions. Some action ideas are;
  • Have an online presence that has all your business contact details including an email address, that you check often
  • Know your local neighbourhood businesses, meet them, talk with them about common issues, projects or possibilities
  • Join your Industry Association, professional organisation or your Industry Training Organisation to know what trends are happening in and to your industry, so you can plan a response, not a reaction
  • Be involved in community events, fundraising, clean ups, celebrations, projects
  • Have a policy of inclusion and transparency to share ideas
  • Seek diversity in your staff and business network contacts

Being both?

Being Smart and Connected is the key to your business success into the future. Ask, discuss and feedback, we all have a part to play. Community and economic development and a sustainable economy don’t happen through government or council regulation or vision. Sustainable communities and economies come from people taking responsibility and action.
Become Smart and Connected to make a difference, to innovate, to matter.
We’d love to talk about how smart and connected you are – and would like to be! Please feel free to give us a call to talk more about working smarter, not harder.
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