What you think affects what you do

Sometimes in life there feels an urgency to share with or tell someone something you think they should know. But the question is, do you need to tell them? Or do they need the information? Is what you want to share vital facts about an issue that will change their perspective on a decision or change a behaviour? Or is it your feelings about an issue that they are involved in that you need to tell them? Why do you want to share these feelings? Could you satisfy your ‘need’ to tell them what you think by simply admitting to yourself how you feel?

Not all things need to be said, or shared, or posted, or published. It is ok to keep your opinion to yourself. To remain private. To only offer advice or opinion when asked. This doesn’t mean you don’t have something to say, you are consciously choosing if it is useful, helpful, and purposeful to share it.

If you decide after careful reflection that you should share your thoughts, consider how these would be best received. Social media is not the best way to conduct personal conversations of importance. Before you commit anything into writing consider if you would want your thoughts or information being spread further than your intended audience. What is the best way to share your thoughts or information with your intended audience, in a way to make your intended impact.

Trying to influence someone is another matter, here we are talking about impact.

Before you share, consider:
  • Do you feel you need to pass on information or does the individual require the information you have? Is the information useful or merely interesting?
  • Is the information time specific? Why? What has set the timeframe?
  • What is the best way to get your information across to the individual you have in mind? (This might be different than your most comfortable delivery method).
  • Consider carefully before committing yourself to the written word.
  • What impact are you wanting to have? Are you looking to create a dialogue, build a relationship, antagonise or empower?


Sometimes in life there is an urgency to share, but keeping you humble opinion to yourself at times, can speak volumes on your behalf.

Talking with someone outside your usual sphere helps check your intentions. Contact us to talk.

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