Clarify your personal values with coaching

Re-connect to living by your unique values

Values are the guidelines that drive the existence of your own best self and sustain your truest behaviours, personality, and intentions.

Personal values are very much like the markers you see on the side of the road. You don’t notice the markers most of the time. But when you do, you realise you are starting to go off track from where you intended to be heading.

These guidelines show up everywhere but often in an intangible way. For instance, they show up in families, communities, schools, work environments, leisure activities, not-for-profit organisations.

The life you live, and how you live it, is highly reflective of your own need to honour and live by your personal values.  Yes – you have a unique value set combination. It is yours and yours alone. How your prioritise these guidelines and feel the intensity and significance of them is also uniquely yours. You will be constantly evaluating how your unique personal view will mesh with other people.

As a result this is where there is often struggle. Where dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and feelings of disillusionment can kick in. Your personal values are unique to you, so no one can tell you what your authentic set is, you have to find this out for yourself. For some of us knowing and living our own guidelines is very clear and straight forward. For others of us it might be a struggle especially if you don’t know your authentic guidelines, or are forced to live by another person’s value set.

So when did you last really consider what your values are? Your authentic road markers to help you make clear decisions, and create a pathway for the life you want to live? Maybe now is the time to reconnect with your unique values.

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