So…confession time.. How often do you get distracted?

How often do you get interested in multiple projects then lots of them take way longer than they ought to … and some of them even linger half finished? I shudder to think of how much time, money, and opportunities I’ve lost over the years by not following through and actually doing things I know I should do. Usually because of a fear of lack of competence or what ‘others’ would think.

Getting stuff done is all about PRODUCTIVITY!

Your personal productivity, how much YOU get done versus how much you leave until later or put off completely because you feel it has to be perfect. You know what…I’ve learned that more often then not completion trumps perfection. Sometimes you just need to get it done, and leave perfection to the super important stuff that required perfection to exist.

When it comes to productivity its all about how to get stuff done, finding more hours in the day to do those things that you want to be doing and enjoying them! Especially your work!

So, the first person to think of when you are thinking about improving your productivity (or in some cases, lack thereof), is a Coach, like me, to challenge you with your current realities.

Questions like these:

1. As an individual….Do you sometimes feel relieved when a proposed project doesn’t go through? (because you’re too busy anyway and don’t have capacity?)

2. If you are involved in a business or organisation….Do you sometimes avoid actively marketing (even subconsciously) because you are feeling overworked?

So, my challenge to you is this: GET STUFF DONE!


A Coach will ‘hold your feet to the fire” and help you to figure out what things need changing, ignoring, prioritising…With a Coach you can spend time laying out all your productivity problems and frustrations, and be supported in developing and working through solutions to getting your stuff done.

Coaching works to help you look at your productivity realities and GET STUFF DONE!

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