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Burning Questions?

New Project?

Planning a project or event that you’ve never had to before?

Great Idea?

Have a business idea that you have been dreaming about or even working on, and want to crystallise and test it?

Got blinkers on?

Do you need to lift your horizons and work through the overwhelm factor?

Wanting More - Or Less?

Do you want to see more profit? Less stress? Or maybe get more of your life back?

What can ClearThinking Coaching do for you?

If any of these burning questions sound familiar, then ClearThinking Coaching could be the perfect support to help you realise your goals.

We can work through anything from planning and developing projects, developing new ideas, stepping outside your business or organisation to plan forward, or planning ways through issues. Whether working with individuals, staff teams, or your organisation as a whole, we slot in at a strategic level at any stage of the planning and implementation process to progress development.


ClearThinking Coaching Programmes

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Get Clear!

Work through any planning issue you have with an objective second pair of eyes. Get clear thinking about your idea, challenge or project and decide on a way forward. We will create your roadmap strategy or set some short term goals. In one conversation, we’ll help you remove stress and procrastination.

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Focused Change

Set and achieve goals through the process of coaching. In a ten week individualised programme, we will support you to investigate your thinking and identify roadblocks to your productivity or achievement. We help you to generate new insights, and together we’ll set actions that will generate positive and sustainable new habits.

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Achieve Big

‘Achieve Big’ is about working through developing a business project, event, leadership development or as a sounding board through a time of challenge. We deliver an individual coaching series over six or twelve months focussed on goals for your business, organisation or project, as well as providing you with additional access, support and resources.

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Something else?

One size definitely doesn’t fit all! The ClearThinking Coaching process can be tailored to suit individual or group requirements, for goal setting, team building and planning. Let us design coaching that works for you.

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"Coaching helped me to focus on what I needed to do, giving me the courage to step outside my comfort zone and make a change by having clear simple steps to achieve my necessary goals."
Gabby Judd Aquarian Healing, Blenheim
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