Change is a challenge, and coaching keeps you focused on overcoming the challenge.

We facilitate this positive change by improving thinking. We help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your personal or professional life.


About Coaching With Us

Coaching is the sort of help you reach for when you don’t need more information, but you need to get your thinking clear; or you need some support to set strategic goals and make the changes needed to achieve them. In other words, it’s change directed and decided by you.

Strategic coaches (which is what we are) are just like sports coaches. We focus on you and your goals, and we are supportive with high expectations. We’ll ask you questions to help you see new ways to achieve your goals and develop clear thinking and informed planning.

The coaching process starts by investigating where you need change or want to focus your efforts – then we set inspiring and measurable goals. So, for example it might be to work 50% less, or achieve 30% more profitability, or increase monthly income by $1,000, or halve your debts. By going for big, inspiring goals you establish a commitment and set your attention and focus on achieving them within the timeframe of the coaching series.

And just like a sports coach or personal trainer we’ll set up a framework for you to work with, to ensure the work you put in is focussed on the right areas, at the right time, to ensure success.

Regardless of your time, goals, budget and location, we can work together on implementing change in your life or organisation – online or in person.


Meet Our Head Coach


ClearThinking Coaching (60)Tania Jones

B.Soc.Sci, B.Ed, Dip Tchg (Secondary), M.Ed, PGCert EdTech, Cert Coaching Skills.

Coming to the table with over 20 years’ experience in governance, project leadership and management, economic and community development, organisational and strategic planning in tertiary education as well as business and not for profit sectors – I’ve learnt that a good idea has the power to change attitudes and behaviour, and I love the challenge of making ideas come to life and work in the real world. I’ve also learnt that one individual, on their own or within an organisation, can make the difference if they focus their authentic efforts.

I came to coaching after redundancy forced a life refocus. Sifting through what excited me the most out of all the things I had done in previous roles – developing ideas and people is what came out on top. I completed my coaching training on the day of the first Christchurch earthquake in September 2010 (sending us Christchurch residents reeling) so I jumped straight in to my new vocation and ClearThinking Coaching was born…created to help people focus their thinking and planning no matter what their current situation.

I am a clear, confident advocate for collaborative processes, strategic planning and accountability. I enjoy guiding projects through from conception to completion and strongly promote results-focused action coming from consultation and planning. I have specific interests in helping individuals and businesses engage with their communities in a positive, meaningful and strategic way; and helping enterprising people create new ventures!

The coaching process works to transform lives and I am committed to clients willing to make the effort to focus, change and achieve by changing their thinking.

I believe:

  • That no matter what you’re doing, if you want to achieve great things
    • You should start with a well thought out plan
    • You need to believe in your ideas
    • You must have solid targets, and a pathfinder to guide the way, and
    • The only way to get things done is to do it.
  • That the situation you walk past is the situation you accept.
  • What you do impacts others, so do it well.

So, come with me – one step further than you would on your own.


To strengthen the work that I do, I collaborate with a very clever on-demand team to enrich your experience with ClearThinking Coaching. When I can persuade them, you might see them at a workshop or catch them on the end of the phone or an email.

But enough about us, what about you?

Are you...

Frustrated with your current situation?

Not getting the results you’re hoping for?

Running your business or organisation ‘by the seat of your pants’?

Are you...

In need of some work-life balance?

So busy running your business you don’t have time to plan for the future?

A solopreneur or sole charge leader who needs someone on the outside to talk to and give you time and space to step out and work through issues?

Feeling like it’s time to stretch your leadership wings?

Have you...

Got lots of good ideas but need a neutral sounding board to set your priorities?

Got a tangible, easy-to-use plan to achieve your goals?

Had a major life change and don’t know where to from here?

Have you...

Created or reset your ‘vision’ for your life or business lately?

Got the help you need to make your next project a success?

Got a team member in need of some mentoring?



These are all good signs you’d benefit from working with us!

"Tania coached me to recognise what was important to me and the outcome I wished to achieve. She then set about helping me to see how I needed to act and behave in order to achieve my objectives. Tania has limitless patience and an uncanny ability to steer one where one needs to go (even if one thinks one does not need to go there). Thank you Tania – you really did save my very confused and somewhat muddled life."
Diana Christchurch
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